Clara Hasbrouck Award

This special award is given to an outstanding individual who has demonstrated dedication and commitment to furthering the cause of school libraries in Tennessee by contributing time, leadership, and effort to numerous TASL activities over a period of years.

The recipient of this award must:

1. be a member of TASL. 

2. have demonstrated service to TASL at the state and local level. 

3. be or have been a school librarian or school library supervisor in the state of Tennessee. 


The award will be given to a truly deserving recipient. Qualifications of the nominee will be the sole criterion, and number of nominations submitted will have no bearing on the decision. The award may or may not be given each year. A person may be nominated any number of times, but the forms and data will have to be resubmitted each year by the deadline. No person may receive the award during the year he/she is serving as an elected officer or member of a TASL awards committee. 


All awards have an application deadline of September 1.
Winners will be honored during the 2023 TASL Conference during the opening session on November 5, at the Embassy Suites in Murfreesboro, TN.

Previous Winners

  • 2022: Lindsey Kimery

  • 2021: Raina Scoggins

  • 2020: Brenda Moriarty

  • 2019: Karen Haggard, Lauren Fevrier

  • 2018: Mona Batchelor

  • 2017: Scott Smith

  • 2016: Beth Frerking

  • 2015: Dr. Judy Bivens