TN Libraries Legislative Day

 Legislative Day Graphic
Here's how you can prepare for TN Library Legislative Day and everyday library advocacy: 
  1.  Get to know your legislators:
    1. Tips from ALA on building relationships with your legislators
    2. Use the Tennessee Blue Book. The updated edition will be available in February. Go to the Legislators section and do a “find” search for the name you need.
    3. Download the State of Tennessee General Assembly app, and follow your leaders on social media. What is important to them? What are their personal interests? What committees do they serve on? What was their profession before their political career? How do libraries intersect with their agenda? 
  2. Know the issues.
    1. Stay up to date through ALATLA, and TASL on issues important to our libraries. 
      1. Metro Libraries Materials Funding
        1. Secretary of State Tre Hargett has requested $3,000,000 in recurring funds to support the purchase of library materials in the four metropolitan cities. This funding would be part of the Secretary of State’s budget, administered through the State Library & Archives.
        2. The metro libraries serve millions with programs focused on providing support for early childhood literacy, disadvantaged populations, STEM education, and lifelong learning for adults. All of these programs rely on a solid collection of current, carefully selected books and resources in other media to back them.
        3. The state provides $2.40 per capita to assist libraries in the 91 non-metro counties, but only $0.13 for metropolitan libraries. This funding would allow the state to support rural and metro libraries at the same level.
      2. State Coordinator of School Libraries in the Tennessee Department of Education
        1. School libraries are the information hubs of their learning communities and are committed to supporting the TNDOE strategic plan of graduating lifelong learners who are prepared for the challenges of our global information society. 
        2. A statewide school library coordinator is the missing link between the Department of Education and effective school libraries in every Tennessee school.
        3. 36 states have a State Coordinator
        4. Read a letter from ALA President Wanda Brown and AASL President Mary Keeling to Commissioner Schwinn
  3. Tell your library's story.
    1. What stories from your library do you have to share that help legislators connect with and understand your ask?
  4. Schedule an appointment with your legislator. Our appointments windows will be 9:30AM-11:30AM and after 1:00PM.
  5. Invite them to your library while they are not in session. 
    1. (Tips on arranging a Congressional Tour
    2. (TN General Assembly Calendar)