Tennessee Association of School Librarians Microcredentials

TASL All-Star Badge


To earn the TASL All-Star Badge, one must complete a sufficient amount of the following activities that add up to at least 10 points. Each activity may only be submitted once per year. 

  • Attend TASL Annual Conferenc2023- 4 points
  • Present at TASL Annual Conference 2023- 3 points
  • Volunteer to help at the TASL Annual Conference 2023- 1 points
  • Attend Library Legislative Day 2024 - 2 points
  • Attend TASL Summer PD 2024 - 2 points
  • Present at TASL Summer PD 2024- 3 points
  • Present a TASL webinar – 3 points
  • Attend a TASL webinar – 1 point
  • Write a blog post for TASL TALKS- 3 points
  • Share your library news with your Area Rep.- 1 point
  • Being a TASL Mentor- 3 points
  • Create a social media post about the benefit of being part of TASL and tag @TASLTN- 1 point
  • Contacting your legislator (sending an email, a letter, or visiting in person)- 1 point
  • Hosting your legislator at your school- 3 points
  • Speak at your school board meeting to share the benefit of school libraries in your district- 4 points
  • Participating in the Volunteer State Book Award- 3 points
  • Participating in the TASL Bookmark Contest - 2 points
  • Taking on a leadership role- 4 points (being on a committee, committee chair, area rep, board member)
Use this link to submit evidence of each activity completed. A new form will need to be completed for each task.